Radio Tours are a very powerful marketing tool for artists of the country, rock and christian format as well as celebrities, authors, agencies and record labels. Impacting over 30 million listeners in specific targeted demographics, our radio friendly tours build awareness of retail availabiltiy enhancing the purpose driven marketing strategy of driving listeners to your product or website. They are PURPOSE DRIVEN with positive results!

We offer our clients the attentive services of a boutique. From creative consultation through project completion and results reporting, every project receives the full focus of our attention. Clients can choose from in-studio radio tours to connecting via ISDN or from their home. It's your choice!

McCoy and Associates, Inc.'s producer, Sharla McCoy, is based in Nashville, TN. Her 25 years of experience puts Sharla at the top of her specialty field of producing and executing top notch excellently produced radio tours.


    Sales Markets with the largest amount of listeners (AM or PM Drive)
    See the RESULTS with stations airplay of interview and music. Activity report provided for you.
    over the radio stations/markets you want to impact. Personalize a radio list to follow a touring schedule, sales history or impact the reporting panel for a new album release or new single to build awareness, request interviews to be taped, record's YOUR choice! Interviews can be executed back to back, 3-4 hours, in the time intervals of your choice.
    of studio
    across the United States and Internationally. The artist/celebrity does not have to be in studio in Nashville or LA to execute.
    Affordable/Competitive Pricing Structures - Ask about the radio tour packages and how YOU can save money.

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